In the 10 years since his debut, the enigmatic & charismatic Karou Charou, has risen to become one of the most commercially successful comics on the SA Circuit with a string of sold-out shows across the country.

He was the first solo Indian performer to sell out at the prestigious 1200 seater Lyric Theatre at Gold Reef City as well as the 1000 seater Theatre of Marcelllus at Emperors Palace.

He holds the record of 38 sold out shows at Sibaya Casino , became the first Indian comic to feature in Zimbabwe and Botswana and recently became the first Indian comic to perform 3 shows in 3 cities in Australia.

His popularity was recognised by the international brand of Mcdonalds who handpicked him to be the face of their Spicy Burger campaign which included two television ads , a cinema ad as well as his image on street billboards across the country.

The secret to Karou’s success , apart from his trademark flamboyant outfits , dark shades and bling, is his vibrant & dynamic style which often sees him leave the comfort of the stage to engage in unscripted yet hilarious banter with the audience. Audiences also love the fact that they can easily relate to his comic tales.

Karou Charou LIVE , will see Karou educate his audience on all things Indian. Amongst other things , he will reveal why most Indians can’t swim ? Why Indians choose not to play rugby and how Indians put the “Fun” in funerals ? He will explore indian weddings and aim to explain why marriage “is just not normal.”
Karou has also just been schooled in the art of Hypnosis and he will be showcasing his new found talent on stage.
KC Live… its a 60 minute roller coaster of laughs.

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